• Go Solar for your Electricity
    and Water Heating!

Residential Solar PV and Solar Thermal

Finally! The benefits of both Solar Electricity for your home with
Solar Water Heating and Pool Heating from the same roof space!

FAFCO®, a leading Solar Manufacturing Company located in Chico, California, spent over ten years with help from the US Navy and the National Renewable Energy Lab developing a new hybrid solar system that can generate electricity and heat water using the same solar panel.

The Result is CoolPV™. Using FAFCO®’s state of the art solar thermal technology and SolarWorld’s® state of the art solar electric technology, CoolPV™ is an enhanced solar electric system that generates electricity and heats water using the same panel on the same roof space. Because the solar electric panel is “cooled”, it generates more electric power than a stand-alone solar electric panel. All you need is a load for the heated water like a water heater or swimming pool.

All the features you want

Save on your Electric Bill, Heat Your Water and extend your Swim Season… All with the same Solar Panels using the same Roof Space!

Generate Your Own Electricity!

You can generate more electricity with CoolPV™ than stand alone Solar PV because CoolPV™ Cools the Solar Cells in the PV Panel while Heating Your Water.

Heat Your Pool

Get the most out of your swimming pool. CoolPV™ significantly extends your swimming season, enabling healthy enjoyment and exercise in luxurious warm water from spring to fall.

Help the Environment

CoolPV™ can save an average american home from emitting up to 401 tons of C02 Emissions over a 20 year span. This is equivalent to planting 18,648 trees or saving 40,917 Gallons of Gas!


Make an Environmental Impact

If you can save money while doing your part to reduce carbon (CO2) emissions, why wouldn’t you?  While relaxing in your nice and warm solar heated pool, you should take comfort in the fact that the energy generated by your CoolPV™ Enhanced Solar System has significant positive effects on the environment!

Cars Off The Road

You can be responsible for eliminating the pollution from 77+ Cars over the Lifetime of an average CoolPV™ System.

Trees Planted

You can be responsible for planting the equivalent of 18,648 Trees over the Lifetime of an average CoolPV™ System.

Reduce Gas Use

You can be responsible for saving 40,917 Gallons of Gas over the Lifetime of an average CoolPV™ System.


"We are now able to enjoy our pool from April to mid October... It has been the best investment we have made since buying the house!"
Mary Green Satisfied Customer
"We are pleased to say that the system has worked flawlessly since its installation in April 2014 and our pool has maintained a temperature of 85+ degrees without the use of any covers."
Bob Shirripa & Family Satisfied Customer
"My CoolPV system has worked perfectly from installation solving a number of problems. We have limited roof space, desire a warm pool but also wanted to reduce our electric bill. My CoolPV system has exceeded my expectations, is a great investment and my wife points out it’s more attractive than most solar pool heating systems. Enhancing the solar electric performance while heating the pool is icing on the cake. Keep up the good work!"
JD Tenuta Satisfied Customer
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